Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Causes Death of Sperm

Approximately 30 percent of infertility problems couples due to the quality of sperm. There are many things that cause interference with sperm fertility, but there are 5 things that contributed to the demise of the sperm.

Although men produce millions of sperm every day, but the external factors from outside the body can affect its quality. Because sperm take 75 days to grow into maturity.

As quoted from the Health, there are 5 things that can make male sperm to die, namely:

1. Temperature is too hot (overheating).
Human testis can not function properly unless the temperature is colder than other body parts. If the temperature of the testes increased to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, it will stop producing sperm.

"When production is disrupted, the negative impact could be many months. The number of sperm may be lower, deaths and affect the morphology of sperm from the sperm itself," says Paul Shin, MD, a urologist from Washington, DC

2. Soak in hot water.
Bath or shower with hot water is not good for the testes. Based on research in 2007, soak for 30 minutes in a hot tub can reduce sperm production. But this negative effect is reversible (can change).

Dr Shin tells hot water exposures can negatively affect the sperm for a sperm needs time to mature.

3. Fever
Kurt Wharton, MD, a fertility expert tells the condition of someone who caught a cold can affect sperm quality, this is due to hot temperature. According to a study in 2003 found the concentration of sperm was reduced by 35 percent after experiencing a fever.

4. Laptop lap
According to researchers from the State University of New York at Stony Brook there is a direct relationship between the use of a laptop with an increase in scrotal temperature to 35 degrees Celsius at a particular position.

This increase will have an adverse effect on spermatogenesis (production of male gamete formation). So if you want your partner pregnant, you should put your laptop on the table do not lap.

5. Use tights
Dr. Wharton tells if the number of low sperm count, the boxers are better than tights. But will provide little impact if the number of sperm was already normal. Dressed in tight shorts for a long period of time is a bad habit


  1. My boyfriend does not use a laptop, hasnt had a fever, does not soak, he uses boxers, although it has been really hot this summer and he doesn't have air conditioning.....could the fact that he doesn't have air conditioning contribute to his him having dead sperm??
    I know his sperm is dead because i went to the doctor after we had sex and i asked my doctor certain questions about reproducing and she took sperm from inside of me from having sex earlier that day and found that it was dead. What could be his problem or mine?

    1. Keyword: boyfriend. Maybe if you joined in holy matrimony, it would actually work

  2. When he sit on a foaming chair for long time in summer season without aircondition, it itself make the testis temperature high. So I think the temperature for testicles are not ideal. That's why he got low sperm or if have sperms then most % is dead. So be careful from this. During working in this environment, it is better he take cool shower minimum 15 minutes every day before and after he go to work.

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